WATERFRONT Restaurant-Bar

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4 sao trên tổng 45 đánh giá
28 Aug 2018 tại 4:14 Free Delivery is a Lie! No such thing! (Same Old Vietnamese I’m Sorry)
28 Aug 2018 tại 2:09 Expected better from the Waterfront.
9 Aug 2018 tại 2:25 Amazing food. Amazing service. Amazing price
5 Apr 2018 tại 12:46 Usually good food, but yesterday the french fries were really dry and tiny and the chicken sandwich was small and disappointing.
14 Sep 2017 tại 13:47 The food and delivery were very good, no negative comments here. Please also forward my specific comments. I asked not to give straws and plastic cutlery. It was given anyway. I try to reduce waste and pollution. All the little bit help. Thank you
21 Aug 2017 tại 1:48 Excellent food. I have both dined in-house and have had food delivered via Vietnammm.com. Always great taste and quality.
11 Feb 2017 tại 11:34 Not cheap, but food is generally impressive and good quality.
15 May 2016 tại 15:09 Delivery did not follow instructions. Delivered to wrong place. Nice guy.
17 Feb 2016 tại 4:00 Food was warm and delivered early. The burger was delicious and had a lot of flavor.
29 Nov 2015 tại 15:52 The order was incorrect and my food was burnt. It aslo stated half a chicken and many vegetables but what i got was a few pieces of chicken and burnt cauliflower